I wish you a Merry Christmas, (belated) Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year and any other holidays you may celebrate this time of year. While I’m off spending time with the family, below are some leaders we covered this year, showing their festive spirit*.

A brief recap of relevant posts follows:

Tony Dungy and Michael Hyatt in Santa Hats - Christmas Spirit

Tony Dungy and Michael Hyatt with Christmas Spirit

The 7 E’s Required for Social Media Success

NFL coaching great Tony Dungy and Social Media Leadership guru, Michael Hyatt demonstrated examples in the post, “7 E’s Required for Social Media Success“. Dungy displayed an ability to Exhibit authenticity while Hyatt Expedited responses.

Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines Displays Christmas Spirit

Herb Kelleher with Christmas Spirit



Steve Jobs vs. Herb Kelleher – Hero Worship vs. Servant Leadership

Servant Leader extraordinaire, Herb Kelleher, appeared in several posts this year, most notably, “Steve Jobs vs. Herb Kelleher – Hero Worship vs. Servant Leadership“. In this piece, I highlighted Steve Jobs’ technical leadership vs. Herb Kelleher’s people leadership.



Bruce Leeroy with Christmas Spirit

Bruce Leroy with Christmas Spirit



Leadership Lessons from the Last Dragon

In the first of three fictional leaders covered this year, “Bruce Leroy” was covered in “Leadership Lessons from the Last Dragon“. Although fictional (and mildly humorous), Bruce Leroy reflects several great Servant Leadership examples.



Chris Brogan in a Santa's Hat

Chris Brogan with a Santa Hat

Leading in the Social Media Revolution

Social Media thought leader, Chris Brogan also appeared twice this year: first in S.O.C.I.A.L. Media Principles and next in the presentation I gave at Heritage University’s Leadership Conference, entitled “Leading in the Social Media Revolution“.

John McClane aka Bruce Willis in Die Hard with Santa Hat

John McClane (Bruce Willis) in a Santa Hat



Does Your Team Feel “F—ing Unappreciated?”

Police officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) from the classic action flick, “Die Hard” is the second of our fictional characters covered this year. In the post, “Does Your Team Feel F—ing Unappreciated Like John McClane in Die Hard?”, we analyzed how one scene in this movie plays out over and over in many corporate offices.



Eli Lilly in a Santa Hat

Eli Lilly with a Santa Hat

What Would Your Founder Do? An Eli Lilly Story

In this post about Eli Lilly and Company’s common question, we saw how employees should often consider decisions in the light of their founders. This was exemplified in a story to me from a former employee and fan of Eli Lilly, himself.




William Shockley and Friends in Santa Hats

William Shockley with a Santa Hat

How Bad Leadership Helped Launch Intel, the Silicon Valley and Venture Capital

William Shockley was at the center of this popular post about bad leadership’s impact on technology business today. In “How Bad Leadership Helped Launch Intel, the Silicon Valley and Venture Capital“, we see just that.

Mark Sanborn in Santa Hat

Mark Sanborn with a Santa Hat


 Mark Sanborn Interview – Up, Down or Sideways

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to interview Leadership and professional speaking guru, Mark Sanborn on his new book, Up, Down or Sideways. If you’ve not read this yet, especially in the current economy, I encourage you to do so.





Richard Branson in a Santa Hat

Richard Branson with a Santa Hat

Screw Business as Usual by Richard Branson – Book Review

In this post, we reviewed how Richard Branson is screwing business as usual – and reaping the rewards for himself, his company, community and other stakeholders.



Tony Baron with a Santa Hat

Tony Baron with a Santa Hat

An Interview with Tony Baron – Author of the Art of Servant Leadership

Tony Baron wrote a great book – entitled The Art of Servant Leadership. We sat down for an interview earlier this year in which Baron had some great insights. You can view the video here. If you enjoyed this interview, you should also check out my interview with David McCuisition of Vanguard Organizational Leadership.

Yoda in a Santa Hat

Yoda in a Santa Hat

7 Leadership Lessons from Yoda

Another remarkably popular post and the last of our fictional characters, Yoda was highlighted in a post where we examined the leadership lessons he offered.




Donald Trump’s Face Tells the Story of Power-Based Leadership

Donald Trump as The Grinch

Donald Trump as The Grinch

Although The Donald’s classic autocratic style earned him several contrasting examples in posts this year, most notable was this post about his frown. The frown he wears so often seemed to reflect a more Grinch-like facade.







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