Top Leadership Experts to Follow – Vote Now

Top Leadership Experts to Follow 2016 - Vote Now

  • Welcome to the voting page for Top Leadership Experts to Follow of 2016. Voting ends January 22nd.

    Candidate Requirements

    1. Leadership Emphasis: Their content should primarily be on skills important to most leaders (leadership development, communication...).
    2. Follower Size: At least 1,000 total followers on the platforms evaluated (Twitter and/or Facebook).
    3. Active Online: They should be active in social media (no 3rd party account managers).
    4. Good Leadership Advice: There must be something in their message that aligns with servant leadership.
    5. Follower Ratio: It helps a great deal if (but it is not required) they have a strong follower ratio.
    Please, only vote once. A nomination and a vote are the same. Submit your vote here:
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