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Every once and a while, something reminds us what we’re doing is making a difference. This week held one of those moments, when I read that, one of the premier blog listing sites, chose to list our site under their leadership category. More than a simple directory, Alltop aggregates the best post from many of the most popular sites. It’s an honor, for example, to be listed among the greats like Michale Hyatt, Seth Godin, HBR, Wharton and others.

Mind you, I am still waaaaaaay down at the bottom…

It is the mission of Modern Servant Leader to spread servant leadership awareness, adoption and action. Therefore, it’s great to know that so many people going to Alltop will find us among the leadership references.

If you’re an user, please, add to your Alltop page. You’ll find MSL under Leadership. Thanks for including us, Alltop. Here’s to moving up that list a little…

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