Lucy Thinks in Dog Years - So Should You

Since the web took off years ago, it’s easy to miss the boat when conditions change. One never knows when a disruptive technology, innovative business model or viral message could drastically change your industry. So how does one stay ahead of the curve and ready for the change? Try thinking in dog years.

If dogs age roughly 7 years to every 1 human year, then a good dog planner looks to achieve in one year what humans achieve in 7. For your organization, try taking the same approach. What other organizations plan to do in the next 7 years, could you complete in one?

Naturally, priorities must come into place. You must keep your eye on serving your stakeholders and not simply burnout the employees. However, if you forecast what big changes will come 7 years from now, how could prioritize key items to be ready next year?

To think in Internet time, think in dog years. You won’t be ready for every surprise, but you’ll be better prepared than looking year-to-year.

Question: What can you complete in one year that it takes others 7?