recently published, “What It’s Like to Be a First-Time CIO” an article on first-time CIO Jason Scott of Innovation Ads, Inc.. This article was a great representation of what it is like for a first-time CIO in a very entrepreneurial environment. Jason’s candor in the piece and reflected management style were refreshing, even as he fended off unprofessional, negative feedback from some folks from the old hierarchy (see the article’s comments). As CIO Senior Editor Tom Wailgum reflected of Jason:

…You are, in my humble opinion, the next wave of CIOs that IT writers like myself have been yearning for and blabbing about for years… You have been shaped by a wealth of 21st century technological experiences that those people who are displaying “the hate” wish they could have had. You are a product of a generation of technologists who don’t play by their 20th century rules…

The article and subsequent discussion thread through comments reflected the challenges new CIOs face, especially in smaller organizations, where so many new IT Leaders get their start in the executive office. Unfortunately, it’s not always as positive of a result, as many readers comments suggest. Kudos to Jason for his candor, hard work, success and effective leadership – not only at Innovation Ads but also to the IT Leadership community.

If you are an IT Leader in an entrepreneurial organization, or considering such an oppportunity, this short article is a great read.