Day in the Life of Your Boss

First time managers often realize they underestimated how many additional responsibilities management entails and the efforts supervisors perform behind the scenes. So, before you suggest your boss does not work as hard as you, does not appreciate your contributions, or simply doesn't "get it", consider this short parable about one such - admittedly imperfect - manager.

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Team Building Across the World? No Problem.

None of this "felt" like team building or knowledge sharing. Unlike the "real world" (or "first life" as us hip SL'ers say), where you schedule the day for an off-site, dress in grunge clothes and march off to listen to (often) a stranger talk about how to build your team, we were doing something totally different. Our small group had gathered on relatively short notice, with virtually no extra effort (assuming you are already in SL) and were quickly chatting away, sharing stories and knowledge and yes, even team building.

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