Servant-Leadership 101: Principle of Empathy (Hidden Figures Video Example) The second principle in the Acronym Model of SERVANT-Leadership™ is Empathy. This 7-minute lesson demonstrates this principle, as learned [...]

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Focus in Meetings and Put Down That Blackberry

The best leaders ensure the success of their team and their own careers, by being present in the moment. Below are some important reasons that great leaders, as servants in the organization, must ensure team meetings have their full focus.

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Day in the Life of Your Boss

First time managers often realize they underestimated how many additional responsibilities management entails and the efforts supervisors perform behind the scenes. So, before you suggest your boss does not work as hard as you, does not appreciate your contributions, or simply doesn't "get it", consider this short parable about one such - admittedly imperfect - manager.

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