Modern Servant Leader Services

Many leadership “experts” seek to be all things to all clients. Ben feels differently. Frankly, his dance card is full enough and he prefers to only work where he can provide the greatest value: in servant leadership needs. So if you are interested in servant leadership development, speaking, consulting, or coaching, have a look at the services he offers:

Leadership Conference Speaker

Do you need someone to inspire a larger group or influence the organization that servant leadership is right for your organization? A great way to accomplish these goals is to have the right speaker. Ben speaks to groups of all sizes and industries. His message is education but entertaining, inspirational yet realistic, and emotional while still based in examples and facts.

Ben Lichtenwalner teaching servant leadership in a corporate setting.

Training is also available for organizations seeking a more focused group or classroom setting. Popular training programs span from high level introductions to servant leadership, to multi-part, tiered programs specific to an industry or business function.

servant leadership coaching - jim hunter

Coaching is a powerful tool for the development of an individual’s career. It’s a far more powerful tool when leveraged consistently across a leadership team. Whether you are interested in coaching for yourself or for your entire team, I’d love to discuss your servant leadership coaching needs.

ben consulting herman miller interns

If you have a need that does not clearly align to the speaking, training, or coaching category, but it’s for a servant-led organization, chances are there’s a need we can meet through a custom consulting engagement. Let’s have a chat to uncover how we can solve your challenges.

Modern Servant Leader Services

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