Recently I’ve noticed a rapid increase in servant leadership traffic online. From the LinkedIn group for servant leaders, to a growing number of conferences, the volume of Google traffic and a number of new sites dedicated to servant leadership. Yes, servant leadership demand is growing.

Servant Leadership the Path of Future Leadership

You’ve seen how destructive toxic leadership is. You’ve watched your own leaders come and go with limited success. You’ve heard colleagues complain about how leaders fail to inspire and nothing ever changes. Yet, you are still not convinced?  Here’s 5 reasons why servant leadership is the future:

1. Generation X: The generation now assuming management and leadership roles grew up in the 1980’s, when corporate layoffs were rampant and divorce rates sky rocketed. Our emerging leaders distrust the corporation and demand service from themselves and those they support.

2. Sustainability Needed: Decades of short-term focus have removed the fat and cut corporations to the bone. Growing trends in green production and environmental assessments promote greater emphasis on community.

3. Trust Demanded: Recent years, especially the financial meltdown of 2008 and fraud cases of 2009 have revealed the risks of consolidated power to a few. Transparency and candor are in demand everywhere.

4. Rebuilding Necessary: As our global economy begins to emerge from recessions, there is an increased focus on building up vs. tearing down. Years of cutting back, layoffs, recessions and other employee engagement killers must now be countered before organizations see their top talent walk to the competition – who have servant leadership.

5. “Me First” is Last: Frankly, more and more people are sick of the self-promoting antagonists of yester-year. Being all about your career is not only antiquated, it’s offensive. People want to be inspired, not commanded.

The growth of online content, conferences, and demand for servant leadership is just the start. I believe servant leadership awareness and adoption is growing. It is my hope you will join the movement.

Question: Do you believe servant leadership is growing? Why or why not?