Ben stands in front of the Modern Servant Leader LogoIt was 2006. My CFO just fired the 4th person he hired, within a year of hiring them. Now, his entire team had turned over 3 times in as many years.

Yet, the executive team felt he was getting positive results. In fact, on paper, he was.

The organization was stronger than ever, from a fiscal perspective. However, the reputation of the organization and the lives of many employees were damaged. So it was clear, the executives focused completely on their investors – even at the expense of employees.

I knew there was a better way.

I’d seen other leaders achieve better results, without leaving a wake of bodies. It was time to study leadership and understand what made some succeed without such collateral damage. And study it, I did.

I spent years researching all kinds of leadership “styles”. What was in vogue, what was not. What the latest book recommended by Harvard Business Review said and what popular leaders proclaimed. I read and read and read some more. Then, it happened. I discovered Servant Leadership.

Everything else faded away.

It became clear – servant leadership is authentic leadership. You only require the term “servant” because society is confused regarding what is authentic leadership. Leadership is service. It’s putting the needs of those you serve – all of them – before your own. (tweet this | share on LinkedIn)

Yet I rarely heard people speak of “servant leadership”. It seemed those who understood this concept were a small niche. How could that be?! It was so obvious!

I had to get the word out. I had to tell everyone. I had to scream it from the roof tops and blast it in the face of executives confusing leadership as an achievement to reach, rather than a commitment to serve. became that scream.

This site is the voice through which I advocate servant leadership awareness, adoption and action. Thank you for listening and thank you for helping spread the word.

Question: What is your passion and how do you advocate it?