Stop Thinking About Your Leadership

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Want to be a great leader? Then stop thinking about your leadership.

  • Do you think Abraham Lincoln thought often about how he could be remembered as one of America’s greatest presidents?
  • Was it his desire for leadership dominance that drove Martin Luther King Jr?
  • Did Jesus of Nazareth ponder, “how can I be remembered for eternity as a leader?”
  • Was it Florence Nightingale’s intent to use medicine as a platform for recognition of her skills and abilities?
  • Could Gandhi have been using the oppression of his people as a tool for recognition as a great leader?

The answer to each of these questions should be obvious. The greatest leaders throughout history may have developed and refined their leadership skills in ways that increased influence. However, the primary concerns of these leaders were not their leadership, but the people they served.

No, great leaders don’t think about their leadership. They think about their people.

Want to be a great leader? Hone your leadership skills, but focus on service.

Question: What other benefits do great leaders realize by focusing on service, rather than leadership?

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