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Servant Leadership 101 – Lesson 7

Servant Leadership 101 - Wrap-up and Next Steps Check Mark

Servant Leadership 101 – Lesson 7: Wrap-up & Next Steps

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In this lesson, I recap the material from lessons 1 through 6. Then, we cover recommendations for next steps to learning more about servant leadership for the individual leader. Finally, we walk through steps for introducing servant leadership to a broader organization. Want to get the full course yourself?

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Quiz Answers

1. What is the next action you will take to grow your own servant leadership awareness or practice?

A. No right or wrong, but why not set it up now?

2. What is the next action you will take to grow servant leadership awareness and adoption in your organization? Why not set it up now?

A. No right or wrong, but why not set it up now?

3. Feedback I’d love to hear from you:

Which lesson was your favorite?
Which lesson was your least favorite?
Would you be interested in a more advanced course for a fee?
How can I make this course better?

A. Email me your feedback

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