SERVANT-Leadership™ 101 – Lesson 6

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SERVANT-Leadership™ 101 – Lesson 6: Power & Opportunity of Digital Media

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In this lesson, I explain the power and opportunity of digital media (and social media) for modern servant leaders. We use the framework of the SERVANT-Leadership™ acronym (SERVANT™) as covered in Lesson 4. Want to get the full course yourself?

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Quiz Answers

1. Social Media is a tool, not a practice. It’s greatest benefit to leaders includes:
C. Increased influence

2. A leader cannot be successful without social media today
B. False

3. How can I improve this course?
A. Email me your feedback

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Shareable Quotes

  • “Servant leaders have a choice: leverage social media and maximize their influence or be overshadowed by lesser leaders who do.” Share Now: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google +
  • “If a follower is uncertain about your intent, they will not convert.” Share Now: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google +
  • “Today, failures of character are identified, documented, and shared at the speed of a keystroke.” Share Now: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google +