Arthur T. DeMoulas is a servant leader. We know this by the thousands of employees, customers and other stakeholders protesting his dismissal from the role of company president at Market Basket. However, according to most accounts, cousin Arthur S. DeMoulas and his side of the family seek vengeance against Arthur T. DeMoulas, for the perceived sins of his father. In fact, Arthur S. and his team refuse to accept an offer to buy him out, even though the ongoing boycotts cost them $10 Million / day.

So what does this vengeance cost? $10 Million sure sounds like a lot of money. But, let’s look at it from another angle. The boycott has continued for at least 15 days now. That means an estimated $150 Million has been lost so far. Here’s where $150 Million could have gone.

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$250,000 Could be provided to each of the approximately 600 employees at risk of losing their job at Market Basket.

Habitat for Humanity Logo

38,265 Homes could be outfitted with everything from nails and shingles to siding and flooring through Habitat For Humanity. Donate now.

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32,895 Children could be sponsored for 10 years through Compassion International. Sponsor a child now.

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30,000 Teachers could be recruited and trained by Teach For America. Sponsor a teacher now.

It seems Arthur S. DeMoulas and his family are not interested in these alternative uses of their money. Still, one must wonder, how much is their vengeance worth?

Question: What other differences do you see between the servant leadership of Arthur T. and the vengeance of Arthur S.?