People vs. Asset – Which is Tracked Better?

Stop and think about this for a moment: How much information does your organization keep on physical assets, such as office furniture, production equipment or technology assets? Most organizations have fairly advanced tracking systems, primarily for financial purposes, that reflect details such as:

1. Origin of purchase
2. Purchase value
3. Configuration
4. Years in service
5. Physical location
6. Remaining value
7. Other Details…

In short, virtually every detail that can be tracked on non-living assets, generally is tracked. It is documented thoroughly, reviewed frequently and rolled up in reports to leadership. Most importantly, it is generally updated at least on a quarterly basis. Can you say the same about your people?

This is a great point made by the promotional video above (I am not associated with this company, nor have have they paid me to advertise). I found it a great reminder to not only ensure we pursue the right HR processes and policies but that we provide these updates frequently and remain in constant communication with our team on their performance, feedback and opportunities. Many thanks to the great HR professional who introduced me to this video. The next time you’re reviewing asset reports, take it as a reminder to review equally comprehensive updates on your people.

Questions: Which is tracked better at your organization? Do you have tips for ensuring your employees are tracked and provided appropriate opportunities?

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