Man in suit has head buried in sand with graduation cap on his rear

Every high school senior has one goal in common when applying to college: displaying leadership qualities.

Every higher learning institution has this as an “expectation” of applicants. Then, these same institutions all claim they develop students to be great leaders by the time they graduate. They may describe it in a different manner. They may even define leadership different. However, they all claim to be a great institution for building future leaders.

Now, how many of these institutions actually have a course in leadership as a core requirement? Very few. A tiny percentage of schools offer programs to minor or major in leadership studies. Even fewer actually require students to study a single course in leadership to graduate.

To be clear:

1. High schools don’t teach it
2. Universities expect it of applicants
3. Universities do not require students to study it

So, where do we expect future leaders to develop their leadership skills?

Is it any wonder why we have a crisis of leadership? It seems like academia plays a key role in our failure to build effective leaders.

What do you think? Do we have a leadership failure in academia?