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Taking the Servant Leader Quiz

Are you a Servant Leader? Is your boss or someone else you know? Try this assessment to find out. Use this

free leadership assessment to evaluate yourself or another person, on Servant Leadership attributes.

If evaluating yourself, be honest in your responses.  Don’t respond with how you would like to act, but with how you actually act. Each question includes examples of Servant Leadership in action. After completing the assessment, you will be given your score and the “correct” (Servant Leadership) answers. There are only 18 questions, each with two possible answers. The entire assessment should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

When finished, you’ll receive a Servant Leadership Grade:

  • Servant Leader – Expert
  • Servant Leader – Professional
  • Servant Leader
  • Servant Leader – Novice
  • Servant Leader – Amateur
  • Servant Leader – Beginner
  • Passed – Barely
  • Failed

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Note: The quiz is based on Larry Spears‘ 10 Attributes of Servant Leadership. However, the questions are general enough that I believe they apply in any Servant Leader framework.