A lot of leadership tips take time to develop. So I wanted to come up with a quick list of immediate actions anyone can take to improve their leadership skills. Will these, alone, make you a great leader? Of course not. But they will help you on your path to becoming a better leader.

Roman Numeral 9 with Leader On Shoulders of Team

1. Block Time for Work & Reflection

We’re all busy. But if you’re in a management role, chances are your calendar fills quicker than others. That’s why it’s important to schedule time to get your work done and to reflect. Leadership requires reflection time to step back from the noise. If you don’t schedule time to get your work done as well, you will have great ideas but never the time to implement them.

2. Visit the Team

Management by walking around is not a fad. It is as important today as ever. If your team doesn’t see you taking an interest in them and their work, they won’t believe you’re committed their success. These impromptu conversations are also key to uncovering issues. To be a great gardener, you have to pull even the small weeds.

3. Listen More / Talk Less

God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them accordingly. Plant the seeds in your team with open questions then stop talking. Listen to their response. If it’s short, ask a prying question.

4. Lather, Rinse & Repeat

Hair care directions say, ” lather, rinse and repeat as needed”. As a leader, your messages must be lathered, rinsed and repeated.

Lather: Ensure the vision is thoroughly communicated.
Rinse: Get that same message back from the team. Do they comprehend and support the message?
Repeat: People prefer different forms of communication. You must repeat your message for frequency and medium.

5. Read Thought Leaders

Readers lead and leaders read. If you’re not reading the thought leaders in your field, how can you be expected to lead your team? This counts for your industry and leadership in general. If you think you don’t have time, check out audio books.

6. Share Your Passion

People are motivated by passion. Don’t conceal your passion – use it. If you’re angry about the unethical practices of competitors, show some of that anger to your team. If you know a deadly disease will kill hundreds of children unless your team acts, show that concern in your expression.

7. Meet Someone Unexpected

Staying tight to the same group of people is comfortable. However, this also limits your diversity. Go outside your comfort zone and introduce yourself to someone unexpected. This could be someone in a completely different industry or it could be from a new function in your own organization.

8. Establish Accountability

If you don’t already have it, get some serious accountability. Here are some options to consider:

Accountability Partner: Christians are big on this and I love it. Find yourself someone facing similar challenges and agree to be an accountability partner. Check in regularly with each other to see how is is progressing on commitments.

Blog: One of the biggest reasons I write this blog is for my own accountability. When I’m not acting like a servant leader, it keeps me in check. When I really screw up, my team points it out, “Uhm, Ben, that doesn’t sound at all like what you said in the blog last week…”

9. Be Humble

Vanity precedes failure. Keep your humility in check. We all think we’re the hero in our own story. The question is, who’s story are you really playing a part in? If you’re not humble, chances are you’re a lead character in the wrong novel.

There you have it. 9 actions you can take immediately to improve your leadership skills. I hope you find them helpful in your own development.

Question: What other immediate actions do you recommend  for leadership development? You can leave a comment here.