Girl Dreams of Travel

Do you know what your team members dream of? Here’s a clue: it’s not about you. In fact, it’s probably got nothing to do with your organization. If it does – great! Either way, do you really know?

Another question: can you really be serving your team if you don’t know their dreams?

If you don’t know their dreams, I do not suggest you send an email to the organization asking them to define their dreams for you! A big meeting probably won’t work either. In fact, asking them outright isn’t the solution at all. This is something that will take a little time. But it’s entirely doable.

In your next one-on-one session, ask the team member about their last weekend – or the one coming up. Did they do anything exciting or new? What about their plans for their next day off? If you include this small talk – earnestly – on a recurring basis, you will discover their dreams.

And knowing the dreams of your team will help you be a better servant leader.

Question: What are the dreams of your team?