Members of a tribe generally fall into one of two personality types: Climber or Contributor. Although one is better for most tribes, each has its place. Which are you?

Man looks up ladder, contemplating whether or not to climbClimber

The Climber seeks first to climb the career ladder.

Climbers only contributes if it will help them climb.

Climbers seek to promote themselves over their peers.

Climbers make decisions for the organization based on the implications to their career.

Climbers create short-term wins with long-term costs.

Climbers jockey for position.

Climbers worry about perception.

Climbers think and act tactically.

Climbers pull command.

Climbers distribute the blame.

Climbers accept the  praise.


The Contributor seeks first to contribute to the tribe.

Contributors only climb if it will enable them to contribute more.

Contributors seek to promote their peers and tribe.

Contributors make decisions for the organization based on the implications to their stakeholders.

Contributors create long-term wins out of short-term costs.

Contributors jockey for results.

Contributors worry about reality.

Contributors think and act strategically.

Contributors pull influence.

Contributors accept the blame.

Contributors distribute the praise.

Each tribe places different value on the Climber or Contributor. Some tribes have more of one, than the other. The balance shapes that tribe’s culture and will influence your role in the organization.