Celebrate Success in PublicAs I write this, there is a newly married couple emerging from the church across the street. The bells of the old Victorian-era church can still be heard echoing down the street. Strangers walking down main street have paused to watch while cars driving by honk their horns in celebration. The bells were a sign for all around, proudly announcing the joyous occasion of the couple’s new life together. As I witness this scene unfolding it occurs to me, we need to ring those bells more often.

The bell is a symbol, an announcement, a proclamation to all around – family, friend, or stranger, that there was a cause to celebrate. And celebrate they do – family, friend and stranger alike.

Business Celebrations

How often in business, do we “celebrate” in closed communities? We say thank you to the team, who already knows what was done and the effort involved. We thank the individual contributor during their performance review, which already captures the effort in great detail. We thank the team on an email, copying their boss, who already saw the hours of dedication in the team’s time reports.

How much greater would it be if we rang bells to shout, “look here! See what this great team has done! Family, friend and stranger alike, celebrate with us!” Wouldn’t this be a better way to celebrate? Shouldn’t we announce and share the news more frequently with a broader audience? How much greater would these public proclamations be for the team?

Public Celebration Ideas

Here’s some ways I can think of to ring our bells in celebration of our teams:

1. Newsletters: Announce the success in divisional or corporate-wide newsletters that read a larger audience.

2. Press Releases: It seems we are too conservative in marking celebrations with these proclamations.

3. Voice Mail: Most corporate offices are equipped with the option for “broadcast” voice messages.

4. Hallway Signs: Have a poster made and post in the hall or other high traffic area.

5. Street Sign: Use your headquarter sign board or a billboard to display the gratitude.

Question: What other ways do you celebrate in public?