Boss vs. Leader and Mission of a Team

This simple graphic depicts the difference between  a Bad Boss and a Good Leader. I love it, because it highlights  some key attributes, including:

1. Role of the Team: The Bad Boss expects the team to serve them. The Good Leader serves the team.

2. Command vs. Participate: Bad Bosses command others to do what they are no longer willing to do themselves. Good Leaders never ask from the team, what they are unwilling to do themselves.

3. Role of the Mission: Bad Bosses sit on top of the mission. They use the mission to promote themselves. In contrast, Good Leaders focus on the mission for the mission’s sake.

4. Expectations of Self: Bad Bosses expect to reap rewards from the hard work that got them to their position. The Good Leader understands the workload only increases as they progress.

It’s easy to spot a Bad Boss or a Good Leader, especially when compared against each other. This simple graphic helps clarify that image.

Question: What other key differences are there between a Bad Boss and a Good Leader? Leave a comment here.

Credit: A special thanks to my brother, Matt, from, for sharing this image. I’ve not been able to identify the original image and made minor edits (adding the phrase “mission”). If find the original artist, please let me know so I may share credit.