Art Barter is the owner and Chairman of Datron World Communications. He’s also the Founder and CEO of Servant Leadership Institute. In 2004, Art purchased Datron, then a subsidiary of Titan Corporation. Art knew he could make Datron more successful through leadership changes – in particular, the application of Servant Leadership principles. Through his work with Datron and the Servant Leadership institute, many people are learning about the business success and personal benefits of practicing Servant Leadership.

Art was kind enough to sit down with me and discuss how he came to learn of servant leadership, it’s impact on his business and his plans for the institute. Below are the questions we cover in this interview:

1. Can you provide a brief history of Datron and the role of Servant Leadership when you acquired it?

2. What role did Servant Leadership play in your recent selection of a new President & CEO for Datron?

Followup Question: What advice would you give an organization that seeks to identify a servant leader, especially externally?

3. What role did servant leadership play in your recent decision to let some employees go?

4. What would you say to executives who doubt the value of servant leadership or it’s real world practicality – especially in business?

I want to thank Art, Datron and Servant Leadership Institute for all they do. It was a pleasure speaking with Art. If you want to learn more about Art, Servant Leadership Institute or Datron, please visit the Servant Leadership Institute’s website.