Dr. Tony Baron is among the most sought-after servant leadership experts. His book,  The Art of Servant Leadership, documents how servant leadership helped turn around and create outstanding success for Datron World Communications. Tony, who is also the President of Servant Leadership Institute, sat down for an interview on his book, the institute and servant leadership principles.


Questions Covered in the Interview

1. What does Servant Leadership Institute do? (Watch this answer)
2. How do you describe servant leadership? (Watch this answer)
3. What is the greatest challenge of servant leadership for individuals? (Watch this answer)
4. What is the greatest challenge of servant leadership for organizations? (Watch this answer)
5. Does the CEO need to support servant leadership for it to succeed? (Watch this answer)
6. Is there an outstanding example of servant leadership in practice you can share? (Watch this answer)
7. What advice do you have for someone seeking to become a servant leader? (Watch this answer)
8. What advice do you have for someone seeking to establish servant leadership in an organization? (Watch this answer)

Tony Baron - The Art of Servant Leadership - Servant Leadership InstituteAdditional Insights from the Interview

1. All leaders have a threefold responsibility to “Inspire, Equip and Encourage those they influence in order to make a positive difference in the world that maximizes people, profit and planet”.
2. Discussion on Ken Melrose and his book Making the Grass Greener on your side, about Ken’s work at Toro.
3. The necessity of a paradigm shift for leaders who seek to practice servant leadership.
4. The benefits via Return of Investment for servant leadership – including references to Don Frick’s book on the Business Case for Servant Leadership
5. The role of moral excellence, emotional intelligence and organizational intelligence in successful servant leadership
6. High level overview of the servant leadership training program at Datron World Communications.

I’d like to thank Tony and the entire Servant Leadership Institute team, not only for this interview, but for all they do. The quality, commitment and service of these individuals is helping to further servant leadership awareness, adopt and action everywhere. Thank you all.

 Question: What new insight do you gather from the interview?