One of the hardest lessons I ever learned was that I couldn’t lead what I needed. I was reminded of this when I recently heard Ken Blanchard say, “Fear and self-doubt is an ego problem. Why? Because you are focusing on yourself.”

Ken Blanchard saying Fear and Self-Doubt is an ego problem. Because you are focusing on yourself.

As a leader, you should be prepared to face your fears and self-doubts then dismiss them for what they are: a self-serving view. As a servant leader, you are called to serve others. This means doing what’s right for all stakeholders and putting the needs of others before yourself.

In your service as a leader there will be times when you need to risk your neck. You need to go out on a limb that may break beneath you. As you fear those moments and the outcomes, remember: you are here to serve others. You must not let fear for yourself and doubts of your own abilities interfere with what’s right for the organization.

Question: How do you conquer fear and self-doubt?