SERVANT-Leadership™ 101:

An Introduction to Authentic Leadership

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Want to learn about servant leadership?

What to know what servant leadership is, how it got started, where it’s in practice today and more? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This is the first (and only) course like this I am aware of. Because it’s new though, I’m offering it for free – at least until I get all the kinks worked out.

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Servant Leadership 101

Course Outline

The course includes 6 lessons, delivered weekly to your inbox. All you have to is subscribe to updates (or already be subscribed) and request the course. There’s a simple form for this below. The lessons are listed here.

An icon for the lesson on Unlearning What is Wrong

 Lesson 1: Unlearning What is Wrong – I cover what’s wrong with common leadership perception and we reset a baseline.

An Icon for the course lesson on Flip Your Pyramid and Make a Servant Leadership Circle Lesson

 Lesson 2: Flip Your Pyramid – I explain the servant leaders analogy of an inverted pyramid, with the leader at the bottom.

An icon for the course lesson on a brief history of servant leadership

 Lesson 3: Brief History – I cover some the most important figures, authors and events in servant leadership history.

An Icon for the Course Lesson on Servant Leadership Acronym Lesson 4: Acronym Model – I explain how to define servant leadership, using the acronym S.E.R.V.A.N.T.™

An icon for the course lesson on contemporary servant leadership examples

 Lesson 5: Contemporary Examples – There are countless examples of servant leadership throughout history. Here, I describe more recent leaders and organizations known to practice servant leadership.

An icon for the lesson on Power and Opportunity of Digital Media Lesson 6: Power and Opportunity of Digital Media: I emphasize the power and potential of Digital Media (including social media) for contemporary leaders.

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