Top Leadership Experts to Follow 2016 - Vote Now

I am excited to announce we’re working on the new edition of the Top Leadership Experts to Follow.

Our first list of the Top Leadership Experts to Follow (2015), was extremely well received. In fact, the list was shared thousands of times and topped many search results for the topic. We were honored and excited to see so many people discovering and learning from such great thought leaders.

Of course, this success came with a challenge: how to best serve so many great people, requesting inclusion? Therefore, for 2016, I implemented some additional structure – voting. Between now and January 15th, 2016, nominations and voting are open for the new list.

Before voting, please note:

  1. A vote is the same as a nomination (there is 1 form for both).
  2. Please only vote once (your email address is used to track this).
  3. Feel free to share (Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn) and encourage others to vote for you*.

Vote Now for Leadership Experts to Follow

My thanks to so many of you for helping make this list so successful. Let’s continue to lift up so many folks doing great work! If you have any questions, please share them in the comments.


* Please, no paying others to vote for you, or other unethical means of compiling votes.