Last week, I covered the importance for leaders, especially in the Digital space, to frame key decisions in the perspective of SoCoLoMo – a take off of SoLoMo. SoCoLoMo stands for Social, Commerce or Content, Local and Mobile. To track, analyze and report your assessment, strategy and progress in SoCoLoMo, use the attached, free template files. The videos here are quick overview of these tools and basic directions on how to use them.

Social Commerce Local and Mobile (SoCoLoMo) KPI Dashboard



Social Commerce Local and Mobile (SoCoLoMo) Executive Presentation



The Resources:

Free Excel (2007) Template for the Dashboard: Download Here

Free Powerpoint (2007) Template for the Executive Presentation: Download Here

Have any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help. Good luck with your SoCoLoMo strategy!