Return on Relationship Audiobook Cover “Return on Relationship = ROI”  -Ted Rubin & Kathryn Rose

I heard a lot about this book, “Return on Relationship: Relationships are the new currency honor them, invest in them and start measuring your ROR” but hadn’t read it yet. I wanted to, but it wasn’t available on audio, which put it way down on my book list. Then I bumped into Ted Rubin, one of the authors, at a conference. I picked up a copy that day and finished it the next. I loved it and think you will too.

Best of all, it’s now available on audio at Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

You see, after finally reading it, I explained to Ted and Kathryn they needed an audio version so more people like me, could consume their message. Thankfully, they agreed – provided I did it for them. And here we are. RoR is now available for everyone in audio format, with yours truly as the narrator. Whatever format you prefer though, I encourage you to pick up a copy.

I believe you’ll find great value in the book because, simply put, you’re reading my posts. RonR is the perfect companion to anyone interested in both servant leadership and digital media. Here are some quotes as examples:

  • “Your people are your company’s personality, so let them shine for you.” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter
  • “…send your ego to the back seat, and bring your consumers to the front.” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter
  • “Your social audience doesn’t owe you their attention. You have to earn it, and that’s not done with a gimmick or a flashy set of ads.” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter
  • “In essence, consumers now own your brand, and if enough consumers say negative things about it, you lose credibility.” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter
  • “…reaching out to show appreciation should never be a chore—it should become a habit.” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter
  • “…those who take themselves out of the equation and focus on the needs of others can expect to get a better Return on RelationshipTM.” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter
  • “Relationships Are Like Muscle Tissue … The more they’re engaged, the stronger they become.” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter
  • “Friends are not just an audience. Friendship is a two- way interaction loop.” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter
  • “Social Media drives engagement. Engagement drives loyalty. Loyalty correlates directly to increased sales” Share This Quote: LinkedIn | Twitter

Yes, as the narrator I will receive a small portion of the revenue if you buy a copy. However, I’m sure Ted and Kathryn agree: we just want you to get this message. So whether you buy a used copy, borrow it from a friend, or wherever – just get a copy and see how it helps you increase your influence and return on relationships.

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