Diverse Skin Tones of hands forming the outline of two faces. Three books at the top are displayed: White Fragility, Whistling Vivaldi, and Diversity in the Workplace. There are also profile pictures of Ben Lichtenwalner and Glen Guyton.

Join Business & Racial Awareness: From Conversation to Action, today. Seats are limited. Sessions start Friday.

About the Course

I grew up in very white suburbs. With little exposure to other heritages, but a strong moralistic and Christian-centered world view, I considered myself an ally and “woke” before I knew these terms.

I said everything I thought a supportive, intelligent, diversity-endorsing professional was supposed to say:

  • “I don’t see color”
  • “I treat everyone the same”
  • “Our homogeneous employee base reflects our community”

I was wrong. I was very wrong.

Today, I am blessed with an amazing Black bride and three wonderful African American boys. Through my wife’s journey in the workplace and what she shared, plus a regiment of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) reading, I learned a lot. I am still learning.

So, as racial inequality in America raises increasing national attention, we want to support the movement.

I contacted DEI expert, Glen Guyton for ideas. Together, through MSL parent company Radiant Forest, we’re happy to present a new, live, virtual course for servant-leaders.

Business & Racial Awareness: From Conversation to Action

This 4 class program is led by Glen and me. We will read the New York Times Best-Seller, White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo.

Each session includes presentations from us, group discussion, breakout sessions and follow up on the reading material.

In addition to White Fragility, we cover material from Whistling Vivaldi and Diversity in the Workplace. However, reading these books is not required for the course.

Comparable programs are available but cost between $500 and $3,400. So we felt it important to provide a high quality, engaging session at a more reasonable price point for our readers.

Now, you can join Business & Racial Awareness for only $99. But we are keeping seats limited to ensure full attention to participants.

The class starts this Friday (July 17th).




I hope to see you there!