Leadership author and speaker Mark Sanborn has a new book entitled “Up, Down, or Sideways – How to Succeed When Times are Good, Bad, or In Between“. In this interview, I speak with Mark about the book, including several servant leadership perspectives. See the full interview here, or click the links to clips from each question below.

Mark Sanborn Interview


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About Up, Down, or Sideways

Up, Down, or Sideways is very relevant for these challenging times. In this book, Sanborn describes his personal experience with a series of challenges he ultimately succeeded through. As Mark explains, his ability to come through these difficult times successfully was due largely to steps he took before they occurred. As Mark explains, this is a book about “…how to succeed always“. I highly recommend this book, along with Mark’s other excellent contributions to the leadership community (see list below).


Below are the (paraphrased) questions I ask Mark in the interview:

  1. What role did the trifecta of challenges you faced recently (cancer, investment downturns and decreased professional engagements) play in your creation of the book? (view this clip – 3:08)
  2. What are each of the major sections in the book (See, Think & Do) about? (view this clip – 2:09)
  3. What do you mean by your definition of success and the Score Keeper’s Secret? (view this clip – 3:35)
  4. Why is practicing gratitude so important to success? (view this clip – 3:35)
  5. Why is optimism so important, especially for those struggling right now? (view this clip – 4:36)
  6. Woody Hayes (Ohio State University) and Joe Paterno (Penn State University) both ended fantastic NCAA football coaching careers under unfortunate circumstances. What advice do you have for someone going through a professional failure of such a tremendous magnitude? (view this clip – 3:41)

More from Mark Sanborn

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You can also find Mark on his website at MarkSanborn.com, Twitter at @Mark_Sanborn, YouTube or Facebook.

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My thanks to Mark for his time and insight. Keep up the great work, Mark. And please, keep serving.

Question: Did you read Up, Down, or Sideways? What was your favorite part?