Publishing As An Alternative to Advanced DegreesFrom my servant leadership writing these past several years combined with following Michael Hyatt’s Blog, I’ve become familiar with the publishing industry. While I am no expert, it seems to me that publishing is evolving into an alternative to the advanced degree. Publishing, alone, will not replace advanced degrees. However, many authors  realize comparable benefits to graduates of advanced programs. These benefits include:

1. Publishing Quality Matters: There are cheap education options that border on “degrees for sale”. However, to attain a quality degree, it takes a lot of time and effort. It’s the same with publishing. Nowadays anyone can publish – which is both good an bad. Bad because there’s a lot of junk out there, but good because more quality is also exposed, through hard work and an investment of time.

2. Publishing Creates Opportunities: Good content is consumed, followed and shared. Good authors are therefore validated by their audience. For example, authors of recognized content are more likely to get an interview, meeting or other opportunity. It is the same with advanced degrees. If you have a quality masters or doctorate, you are more likely to get that interview, meeting or other introduction.

3. Publishing Availability: Advanced education was once only available to a privileged minority. Now, most of the developed world has this opportunity. Publishing followed a similar pattern. What used to require amazing content, the right connections and a hefty amount of luck, is now available to anyone.

Advanced degrees are in no danger of being replaced by publishing models. However, while educational institutions increase flexibility with online courses and evening schedules, more professionals are finding similar benefits from publishing. It is nice to know the variety of publishing options provided by advances in technology increases the opportunities for authors dedicated to quality content. Of course, it should be no surprise that the best results will obtained by those who achieve both an advanced degree and publishing success.