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09.04 Class:  History of Social Media, Implications on Work, Play, Life

Another great discussion. We walked through exercises to define social media and identify timeless characteristics of it. We also discussed the common arguments against social media use and application for leaders and marketers. The class shared interesting thoughts on what they’d do differently with Facebook if they were Mark Zuckerberg. For next class’s assignment, you can do the usual topic submission or:

1. Share relevant video clips of similar topics

2. Write up what you would do differently if you owned / controlled Facebook, like Mark Zuckerberg

Note: The syllabus has been corrected with page numbers for both the print and digital copies of Paradigm Flip.

08.28 Class: Introductions, Threads and Calling

What a great group of students. I’m excited for what the semester has in store for us. Remember to block your calendars on 10.16 and 10.23 for an early and longer class session to visit Whirlpool and Herman Miller. Both evenings we plan to meet at 5:30 PM. Because Whirlpool is an hour drive, we’ll likely be back late that evening.

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