Asking Your Boss to Cover the Cost

Most employers see this small investment in your development a great benefit for their organization. Below is a sample email you could use to ask your boss to cover the cost:

To: Your Boss
From: You
Subject: Professional Development Request

Dear boss’s name,

I’m interested in taking the following course, to help the team and build my leadership skills. The total cost is $399 and the next session starts Session Start Date.

Best Practices of Great Leaders

Course Benefits for the Company

  • The principles taught are universal and applicable to our field and industry.
  • The lessons include insights from well-known and respected leadership experts like Cheryl Bachelder, Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell, Sheryl Sandberg, John Wooden, and many more.
  • The emphasis is on real-world, actionable practices I can apply quickly.
  • I will receive a personalized development plan.
  • I will receive tips on how to share what I learn with you and others at the company.
  • Courses that cost twice as much have half as much material and are based on the insights of a single teacher, not a comprehensive rollup of dozens.

Course Benefits for Me

  • Understanding great leadership skills and how to set leadership objectives.
  • Learn important figures, authors, and events in leadership history to build a foundation for my own leadership style.
  • Gain an awareness of current and recent leaders and organizations known to practice effective leadership.
  • Learn the benefits of modern communication tools for contemporary leaders.
  • Go in-depth on each of the seven core leadership principles, including research and analysis that support each.
  • Watch non-fiction video examples of each principle in action.
  • Analyze and track my progress with an actionable leadership workbook.
  • Access to a video library of additional resources.
  • Get personalized development and communication plans.
  • Access to course author for personalized guidance.
  • Receipt of a digital certificate upon completion of the course.

Completing the course requires about 2 hours a week of classroom and study time. At that rate, I should complete the program in about 8 weeks.

Will pay for this course for me?

Thank you,
– Your Name

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