There are many great leadership development consultants out there, so how do you know if you want to work with Ben?

The answer is simple: only if you are 100% committed to SERVANT Leadership.

If you like some aspects of servant leadership but others you’re not so sure on, chances are you would be better served by a leadership development generalist. If you need some recommendations, contact me – I am happy to share. That’s really not where I focus. Instead, I prefer to focus all my attention and energy only on servant leadership development. This allows me to be of the greatest value to my clients and have the greatest impact on the organizations I serve.

So, if you are serious about introducing, implementing, or improving servant leadership in your company, great! I cannot wait to hear from you. Let me know a bit about you, your organization and what you want to accomplish. If I think there’s a fit, I will let you know.

Benjamin Lichtenwalner
Benjamin LichtenwalnerFounder of Modern Servant Leader
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