Testimonials of Ben as a Keynote Speaker

A compilation of highlights from several different testimonials. Watch this first to save yourself some time.

Ayana Parsons, former Global Head of Retail for the World Economic Forum and current Principal at Heidrich & Struggles, offers her testimonial for keynote leadership speaker, Ben Lichtenwalner.

Ted Rubin, the visionary Social Media Marketing Strategist, Chief Marketing Officer, Author, and Keynote Speaker, gives a testimonial of Ben Lichtenwalner.

Elliott Ferguson, President of Destination DC, offers a testimonial of Ben Lichtenwalner, leadership keynote speaker.

Tara Leonard, Vice President of North America Marketing for Jo Malone London, offers her testimonial of Keynote Leadership Speaker, Ben Lichtenwalner.

Susan Armstrong, a Marketing Manager for CLEAResult, offers her testimonial of Leadership Speaker Ben Lichtenwalner.

Roland Schmidt, Partner at Blackbox AI, offers his testimonial for Servant-Leadership speaker, Ben Lichtenwalner.

Keith Wallace, project manager for Spartan Motors, offers a testimonial for Ben Lichtenwalner following his presentation of servant-leadership for project managers.

Project Manager and Business Analyst, Sheila Hutchinson, offers her testimonial of Project Management and Servant-Leadership Speaker, Ben Lichtenwalner.

Mychal Fox, who owns and runs his own video production company, gives his testimonial of keynote leadership speaker, Ben Lichtenwalner.

Lenny Robinson, project manager at Spartan Motors, gives his testimonial of Ben Lichtenwalner following a talk on servant-leadership for Project Managers.