“The most successful 21st Century companies think eCommerce, first.”

“The most successful 21st century companies think eCommerce, first.”

eCommerce Keynote & Workshop Facilitator

Whether he draws on his early experience as a programmer in the middle of the dot.com bubble, his role as an eCommerce leader for the world’s largest manufacturer of appliances, or his wisdom from leading online sales for industry leaders, Ben will connect with and inspire your audience. His message on how to lead and run eCommerce programs, projects and teams, will be a big benefit to your attendees.

Ben’s energy and enthusiasm for eCommerce and it’s potential to shape organizations, is contagious. He brings just the right touch of humor and sincerity to keep audiences engaged and committed. Ben also brings insightful and meaningful content that includes:

  • Messages tailored to your audience
  • Specific actions for leaders to take immediately after the session
  • Free and discounted content for follow up, after the event
  • Optional handouts and online activities, before, during and / or after the event

If you’re interested in Ben for your meeting or event, check his availability.

Speaking From Experience

Functional Experience

Been there. Done that. Own the T-Shirt. Ben’s filled a breadth of roles under the eCommerce sun. He possesses hands-on, functional experience that enables him to connect with and relate to everyone from programmers to c-suite executives and everyone in between. His background includes roles such as…

  • Software Developer
  • Senior Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Vice President of Technology

Industry Experience

Ben’s led global, comprehensive eCommerce and digital projects at some of the biggest brands in the business. These include:

  • The Air Products and Chemicals Inc Logo


Hear what attendees and event coordinators say about Ben and his talks.

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Critically Acclaimed Author

  • Spot-on and Actionable - Testimonial by Jay Baer
  • Paradigm Flip Book Testimonial by Howard Behar former President of Starbucks International
  • Paradigm Flip Book Testimonial by Charlene Li, founder of Altimeter Group
  • Paradigm Flip Book Testimonial by Paul Gillin author of the New Influencers and Attack of the Customers
  • Paradigm Flip Book Testimonial from Chris Cook President of Fairly Painless Advertising
  • Paradigm Flip Book Testimonial from Terry Brock Internationally Recognized Hall of Fame Speaker
  • Paradigm Flip Book Testimonial from Larry Spears, Founder of Spears Center for Servant-Leadership
Paradigm Flip Book Bundle - Print, eBook and audiobook

Technology Leadership Programs

Digital Branding: Lead Now!

Who is winning online right now? Are they timid followers or bold leaders? What inspires you to buy, follow, or support an organization? If you want to play it safe and follow a script of “best steps” you’ll never lead your industry, field or customers. If you want to lead, this is how you do it in the digital space.

Popular for…

  • Digital, Social Media, and Content Marketing Events
  • eCommerce Events (especially B2C)
  • Consultant Events
  • Small Business, Entrepreneurial, and Multi-Level Marketing Event


  1. Receive examples of digital branding success
  2. Understand it’s safe to take controlled risks
  3. Learn ways to develop and maintain a digital safety net
  4. Leave excited, motivated and challenged to be bold in their digital branding

Global Teams, Global Needs

Every IT team today must work in a global environment. This brings with it opportunities and risks. We throw people into new environments, new cultures, and new technologies with little or no training and expect them to succeed. Whether it is language and accent barriers, cultural beliefs, or simply different expectations, global teams have different needs. In this talk Ben explains how to meet these needs and position your global team for victory!

Popular for…

  • Information Technology & Software Events
  • Corporate Training & Leadership Development Meetings
  • Engineering Events
  • Trade Industries Events


  1. Gather Examples of Success & Failures
  2. Learn to Build the Case for Training Global Teams
  3. Identify Common Risks to Avoid & How to Mitigate Them
  4. Leave Empowered & Enabled to Grow Successful, Global Teams

From Servers to Servant Leadership

The best technology will fall flat if your people are not engaged and motivated. This program begins with affirmation that audience members share common challenges. These including shrinking budgets, consumerization of technology, stakeholder globalization, and many more challenges. As a result, technology leaders are expected to find that quick-win, silver bullet from a software package or service. Yet, the reality is, the best solutions are about the people.

Popular for…

  • IT Conferences & Software Events
  • Corporate Meetings & Leadership Development Sessions


  1. Understand the Value of Investing in People vs. Technology
  2. Learn the Fundamental Concepts of Servant-Leadership
  3. Understand How Servant-Leadership Can be Implemented in Their Organizations
  4. Leave Excited and Anxious to Invest in Their People

B2B: Be Bold or Die

Anyone who says, “B2B and B2C are the same” is trying to sell you a B2C solution. Don’t buy it. Your business consumer has completely different needs than an end consumer. If you’re not prepared to meet those needs, your competitors will be happy to take your market share. Give your attendees the insights and confidence they need to own their market in the B2B space online. If your attendees need a no-nonsense reveal of current B2B trends and ways to apply them in their own business, this talk is for them.

Popular for…

  • Sales Events
  • eCommerce Events
  • Customer Service Conferences


  1. Understand key differences between B2C, B2B, and B2B2C
  2. Discover the benefits of bold moves in the digital space
  3. Develop ways to extract the unique needs of their own business customers
  4. Learn to roadmap their strategies and apply lessons learned back at the office

As Seen On

More (Random) Reasons to Hire Ben

  • Business and technology leadership
  • Conference favorite
  • No prima donna
  • Often standing room only
  • Feedback surveys always top quartile
  • Fun and easy to work with
  • 15 Years in eCommerce
  • Yes, he’s coded
  • Real-world experience
  • Original and innovative ideas
  • He is a man of faith
  • Three (adorable) young boys to feed
  • Wrecks a lot of mountain bikes
  • His amazing wife needs a break
  • Yes, he’s managed infrastructure
  • Critically acclaimed author
  • Every talk tailored to audience
  • His fortune cookie says he’s going places
  • Fortune cookies never lie
  • 15% of all fees go to a non-profit
  • Bottom line: I love helping event planners deliver awesome programs. Whether you choose me or not, let me know if I can help!

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