SERVANT-Leadership™ Speaker: Ben Lichtenwalner

Speaking of SERVANT-Leadership™…

Ben brings a fresh perspective to the message of servant leadership. His energy and enthusiasm for authentic leaders and their potential to change organizations, is contagious. He brings just the right touch of humor and sincerity to keep audiences engaged and committed. Ben also brings insightful and meaningful content that includes:

  • Messages tailored to your audience
  • Specific actions for leaders to take immediately after the session
  • Free and discounted content for follow up, after the event


When Ben started speaking about servant leadership, 15 years ago, most people thought it was either a religious (only) concept, or entirely based on one man’s perception. Today, we have a much broader understanding, thanks in small part, to all the research advocacy by Ben and his peers.

Most people hire Ben for his comprehensive view and flexibility in tailoring SERVANT-Leadership™ perspectives for your unique needs. He’s studied servant leadership extensively and focused on compiling the many different views and versions into one, comprehensive yet simple to understand model. If you want your audience to understand the core concepts of servant leadership, and it’s applicability to your organization, with lots of great take aways, check Ben’s availability.

SERVANT-Leadership™ Defined

Dozens of authors. Hundreds of attributes. Years of research.

Now, one comprehensive, yet easy to remember definition of servant leadership. So what is SERVANT-Leadership™?

The SERVANT™ Leader is…

Selfless: If you’re not serving others, you are self-serving and that is not leadership.

Empathetic: The servant leader understands what it’s like to walk a mile in the muddy boots of their stakeholders.

Resolute: Like shelter in a storm, the servant leader’s unwavering commitment to the mission is assurance to the team.

Virtuous: How you achieve results is as important as what results you achieve.

Authentic: The servant leader is the same person at work, home, and in the community.

Nonpartisan: An open mind produces but a closed mind is useless. So a servant leader is open to new ideas from anyone and anywhere.

Thorough: A great servant leader goes wide and deep – they never borrow results from tomorrow to make today look good.

The SERVANT™ Leader cannot be one or two things to a select group. No, a SERVANT™ leader must serve all their stakeholders.

“It was very informative. Ben did a great job… …You could really see what was happening in your daily work through the principles he covered. It was very, very useful!”

Susan, Project Manager

“I liked how he correlated servant leadership with other types of management… …He sparks my interest to learn more about servant leadership and how other organizations are adopting it.”

Keith, Engineer

“Wow! What an inspiring speaker. Ben did a great job! I loved how he showed it’s possible to be both a great person and an inspirational leader, while still driving great results. I can’t wait to get back to the office and try some of the new ideas.”

Tamera, Marketing

“…entertainment, education, and inspiration! … ….the points about servant leadership in the military was a good myth buster… …Great at engaging the audience in a way that creates unplanned but powerful moments…”

John, GE

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About Ben

Ben Lichtenwalner is the no-nonsense thought leader with unique views on leadership and technology. Sought after most for his innovative vision on modern servant leadership, Lichtenwalner reveals how new trends influence and create opportunities for executives. He’s the author of Paradigm Flip: Leading People, Teams, and Organizations Beyond the Social Media Revolution and runs a Top 25 leadership blog, according to Blog Rank. Ben’s also led successful, global teams across Fortune 500, INC 500 and Non-profits. His success in business, combined with unique views on leadership, technology and the dovetail of the two, make him a valuable contribution to any speaking lineup.

Ben is the founder of and an advisor to several non-profits. Having learned from both positive and negative leadership styles, Lichtenwalner now shares his experiences and lessons learned to promote greater awareness of SERVANT-Leadership™. Mr. Lichtenwalner holds an M.B.A. with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Lehigh University and a B.S. in Management Science and Information Systems from the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University.

Mr. Lichtenwalner also enjoys spending time with his family, wrestling his young boys, and wrecking mountain bikes.

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