Helping you save your company

from bad bosses.

Helping you save your company from bad bosses…

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What Clients Say

“It was very informative. Ben did a great job… …You could really see what was happening in your daily work through the principles he covered. It was very, very useful!”

Susan, Project Manager

“I liked how he correlated servant leadership with other types of management… …He sparks my interest to learn more about servant leadership and how other organizations are adopting it.”

Keith, Engineer

“Wow! What an inspiring speaker. Ben did a great job! I loved how he showed it’s possible to be both a great person and an inspirational leader, while still driving great results. I can’t wait to get back to the office and try some of the new ideas.”

Tamera, Marketing

“…entertainment, education, and inspiration! … ….the points about servant leadership in the military was a good myth buster… …Great at engaging the audience in a way that creates unplanned but powerful moments…”

John, GE

The Servant Leadership Development Process


An introduction to the fundamentals of Servant Leadership. We most often work on this level of coaching for executives new to the concept.

  • Classroom setting or
  • One-on-one


Here we dig deep into the core elements of Servant Leadership. This stage often includes identifying problematic areas or blind spots for the individual or team.

  • Classroom setting or
  • One-on-one


Here we work on the areas of emphasis identified in stage 2. This one-on-one coaching works best when focused on current, real-world challenges.

  • One-on-one


There is no such thing as an “expert” servant leader. This stage focuses on sustaining a dialogue of servant leadership coaching, usually once a month.

  • One-on-one

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